NaslovnaStraight (offset) printing is applied as an indirect printing, which means that the color of the form is not transmitted directly to the substrate than previously transferred to the rubber the cover (which is set to offset cylinder cylinder), and then with her ​​on the printing material .

In straight printing printing and not printing the elements are in the same plane, and they differ in their physical and chemical characteristics. Printing form is so carried out that the printing surface is susceptible to color, and water-repellent until the printing surface by water, and after wetting refuse to fight. A wetting agent (water) is first applied to form the thin layer covering the Lyophobic, not by printing elements, and a color that is applied to the form of the water after only covers lipophilic, or by printing elements.

There are techniques straight, high and deep indirect print. Procedure flat offset is today the most widely used method of printing, it covers 85% of the printing business all over the world.

The advantages of the offset in relation to other printing methods are:
Consistently high quality images. Offset printing delivers crisp and clear images.
Quick and easy production of printing plates.
Longer lifetime plate for printing because there is no direct contact between the plate and the
printing  surface.
Properly developed plates with application-optimized color can last up to one million impressions
Offset printing is the cheapest method to produce high quality printing in commercial printing
large quantities.