The advantage of screen printing is high quality output and its durability. Do you have an advertising campaign? The need for umbrellas in autumn? T-shirts before the summer season? Working overalls and equipment over the whole business year? We can help you with that. Because our print quality and lasts long. Sometimes more than a brand.

Screen printing is a technique that makes it possible to achieve an imprint on nearly every subject to a flat surface. It is suitable for printing on plastic, wood and similar substrates of various shapes and purposes. A special application in the textile industry for textile printing of diverse materials.

This printing technique is very popular when it comes to large circulations, because even though the initial cost is higher than with other techniques, the cost of individual prints in large batches is much smaller than in other printing processes.

The advantage of the fingerprint obtained through the process of screen printing our printing in this way is high quality, as well as its durability. That is why when creating the highest quality reproductions of famous paintings, such techniques only used screen printing.