printingDigital printing means a direct connection between computers which prepares and performs digital printing machines and includes two sub-categories. One is a static digital printing press to computer. This type of press is practically a classic Offset Printing on machines where the illumination to form ct-plate, mounted on a cylinder shape so that the shape brightens and develops on the printing press. The further course of the press is the same as with offset printing.  Another subspecies of digital printing digital printing is a dynamic computer to print, and she is a printing form created for each cycle.

Most often this press con tactless, or with her pressure is not the basis of the printing process that allows the transmission of color to form the printing material. This printing technique is based on ink-jet procedure, or press with a dry or damp cartridge using electrocardiography. Separation printing and not printing area code electrocardiography based on the charging and discharging of the individual elements.

Thus, for example, the surface of the toner Non printing same charge, and repelling each other, and the printing surface uncharged or oppositely charged with respect to the toner is attracted.

In this technique, the printing form has no reality, it is imaginary, that is in the computer memory and transfers it directly on the surface to be printed. Therefore, color or toner used in this technique are used, they must be charged, and only after their application image becomes visible for the first time.